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A representation of the near reality

Having to create art since early teenager my style has evolved to the point of creating art pieces of what I call the near reality.

Nature, the growth of leafs on a tree, the sea, how a rock changes throughout time are all essential knowledge to draw illustrations. I am almost 30 now and my experiences obviously are more related to responsibilities. So I am getting together a collection of landscapes that can really show my artistic expression.

Our souls are connected to the same path of life changes. We experience and then we act. I want to show you all my human evolution with my art.

Sunset on rolling hills £30 framed print

Art and drawing lessons

Hello, if you always wanted to learn or have the ability to draw but never really implement your knowledge in art or illustrations, well we can do this together!

We can work over Skype or meet at some place to draw and teach all the techniques required for this amazing and rewarding skill. I can teach you how to paint, draw digitally or on paper, graphic design (illustrator, photoshop and indesign) and all the requirements to become an all rounded artist.

You can message me if your are interested with time and dates you’re available.

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I sell my art!

Hello everyone,

As you might know, I sell my art! Although, I have been trying to reach you all with my art concepts and abstract paintings. My artistic vein is always pumping with new ideas, I want to sell my digital illustration prints.

I have noticed that knowledge is the key. How the clouds in the sky form, the reason why a tree grows differently one another, are all an essential part to draw nature. And I also believe that nature is something everyone can relate to easily!

So there you go my digital painting on sale –

Digital artworks on sale, both framed prints and digital downloads. Go on help yourself. More to come!

Oak veneered frame 30x40cm £25

Print high quality gloss 30x21cm £15

Digital format PSD ~25MB £10.

*prices don’t include post and packing, except for digital illustration download via email free delivery