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I am in control of my heart. My mind. My soul.

I just want to write something about mental health and how sometimes it can affect your day to day life. This post is more about an encouragement to those who feels lost, lonely, misunderstood or not understood at all.

It’s hard to explain your feelings when you’re in that moment of finding answers to questions that all of the sudden become burdens. It’s all in your head. It’s really challenging to make decisions for simple things and when no one around you really make sense at all. These moments can last a second or months, for someone years. Don’t give up please.

Just give yourself a generous amount of time to stand back up. Don’t feel under pressure only because the world around you runs so quickly that you feel to chase everything. Don’t be in control, just let it go. Be courageous, listen to your guts and act fast there’s no better way than just pick up the phone and call your mother, a good person that listens to you and let it all out your chest. Cry in abundance. Don’t stop until your eyes are just balls full of water. Let it all out.

Grab your brush. Take your pen. Write. Draw. Run against the wind. Stare at the ceiling imagining to be under the stars. Feel a morning light pushing inside you even in the darkest moments. Find yourself in the dark, in the light, in front of the mirror. Recognise your face. Stare at your eyes. Remember why you’re special and unique. 7.5 billion of people are out there. 7.5 billion of different and unique individuals like you are going through the same things in life. The struggle to make a sense.

Be insane in your sanity. And sane in your insanity. Whether what’s around you don’t make sense you don’t need to make sense for what’s around you. Smile. Cry again. Have a long shower. Re-read your favorite book. Try. Not too hard. Just try.

I’m Roberto. An artist. A human being. A rebel. An essence that feels, touches and sees. I’m the only cure to myself. My mind has been corrupted, played many times. I always won. I always lost. I am the only one who can decide what to do with it. I am in control of my heart. My mind. My soul.

Thanks for letting me share my journey with all of you. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not the only one. I’m not alone. We’re not alone.

Alex, Prologue 5

Alex, the Strength Magician Prologue strip #5.

I am about to change my life getting ready for the new year! A Patreon Page in in program where you can support me and my arts.

This is the last prologue page I am going to share but more is coming up soon! Stay tuned in my friends. And once again

Thank you for all your support and fantastic feedback I receive every day on my instagram.com/erre.art too.

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Thx ❤️❤️❤️

Prologue 3, Remi

Ok so on this page I really channelled my mangaka spirit 100%!!! I could not draw and write about Remi better than this. She’s beautiful, she’s vain, she’s sophisticated. I’m sure you always met a girl in your teen like her! Did you like her? Were you her friend? 💙

There’s an Italian translation too…cause you know I’m international! 🙈


The manga I am writing is categorised as “Shojo (少女)” which means “young girl”. Anime and manga of this type generally include young girls aged between 10 and 18 and the main characters are girls. It focuses on interpersonal relationships and romance with the right amount of magic, adventure and action. Shojo falls into topics like homosexual love stories as well.

The Magicians Against The Evilarts is mainly a Shojo manga as the main story line is around 5 magical girls chosen to save the world. There are references to Sailor Moon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed as well as One Piece.

Since I am Italian and live in the UK my influences are very much in line with western traditions and when you read my manga you would have to read from left to right instead of right to left. First, because it’s easier to write and follow the story line and also because I am not Japanese and I don’t want to renounce to my traditions as comic writer.

I hope this explain my body of work to you all 😝