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Rushing to somewhere. Do not taking this journey slow and enjoy every moment of it, every beauty of it. I just feel rushing. Make rush decisions to secure a place in the future. But to be truly honest is it really that secure? Is this journey made of rush decisions really worth it?

What if I just let it be: successful, unsuccessful. Why does it all have to be done in a way that only others can enjoy and not oneself?

These are questions that I’m asking myself recently…you know as usual…looking for an answer. The answer I am the only one to decide. Decide what to do next. What road to take around the corner. Answers that are very near to me but too blind to see them clear. Too absent to do it myself, lazy. Lazy in my own comfort of not taking risks.

I thought I was an explorer, an entrepreneur of my own life. A path of discovers and wonders that can blow others’ mind. Yet, I always forget that little space that I created around me so hard with decisions I made. It doesn’t matter if I master of something. It doesn’t matter if I become a title. I am me. I’m an artist. I shouldn’t feel sorry about it. And certainly I shouldn’t forget I’m here for a purpose. Which one I still have to figure it out!

Art Design Graphic – the guide of a lifetime artworks, design projects and commissioned illustrations and art

15 years worth of creativity grouped together into a guide that shows the structure to create a logo and all the projects that come with it. This summary is to show what I can offer to companies and individuals around the planet. 

Corporate identity, marketing materials, renderings, packaging, study of the fonts, advertisement, editorials and studios photo sessions, paintings, illustrations, drawings and of course success! 

If you are a new company or wants to renovate your image to approach a specific market then you are stepping by the right person. Have a look through it and see what really metters to you, we can discuss about it. I am keen to know your project and make the most of it. 

The Magicians, Novus & Philand, lands of Deland

Last week we discovered Hanmard from the Ehfisne Forests, the Elves Kingdom in Novus & Philand, lands of Deland. Today on my live stream we will be knowing Astartas, the warlocks and wizards reigns.

Novus & Philand is the Deland Dimensions from The Magicians Against The Evilarts. Here, Kira lost herself attempting to save her brother Joel. She has been teleported from Earth to Azardust a small demons’ town right above the reign of Catros.

This is another branch of the Magic world of the Magicians!

Click here to watch me live while I am drawing Hanmard, the ancient elf king of the Ehfisne Forests

How (not) to self- publish on Amazon

When I was probably about 15. I would have done anything to earn that extra cash from my very unpleasant grandmother, so that I could go to my favorite news agent and buy one/two more copies of “One Piece, by Eichiro Oda”. Yes the popular manga about pirates. This was more than ten years ago. I underline that I could have done anything to get those manga books on my shelf because they made me feel good! Soon enough I have applied my drawing skills into creating my own stories. My own wicked characters with lots of different personalities, abilities, backgrounds and even heritages. A proper story teller through the manga/comic/drawing lenses.

Then I grew up. I got interested in different things…but I never stopped thinking of this group of Magicians. They were in my head night and day till I finally took a piece of paper and started drawing them at the age of 17.

I am now 28. I have both digital and physical archive about The Magicians, which can fill up the whole space of a a single bedroom. I wrote 5 seasons, more than 100 episodes (some of them are still in my head), all the mini series linked to the main story. All the main and secondary characters with their feelings about the situations, what they are going to do next, how they are going to react about certain things. Ect, ect, ect…

Last year, September 2016. I started drawing the first volumes and make these words and dreams reality. I then decided to show the world what The Magicians are, and I started to self publish them on Amazon.

Let me tell you something, I wish you think twice before to fall into this trap of standards and commerciality. Their flexibility is compare to zero! I believe there are tons of people like me out there trying to reach their goals and dreams. Try to make the difference, improving themselves, learning new things, applying all the knowledge and hardwork collected year after year into their projects. And soon realise that all of the above don’t matter because Amazon has its “procedures”. Self publishing is bullshit. I became humanless. Constantly bombarding my followers and friends on Facebook and Instagram to buy and look at my stuff. Telling about it to all the people that I know. Constantly with my phone on my face try to reach as many people as possible.

I suddenly realised, I lost all my passion for the things I have worked hard and spent so many sleepless nights for nothing. 90% of the time was spent on marketing and adjusting my (not as I wanted) comic for Amazon and social media.

What about the enjoyment of writing stories? What about learning how to draw a particular pose? What about just drawing?

If you decide to self publish you will forget all the pleasure you get drawing your things.

So I decided to stop this and now The Magicians is under construction. It will come back eventually but better and hopefully more approachable.

Since then, I strongly suggest you to express your own individual and don’t give up your dreams!

Artist For Hire

Commissioned based artworks, paintings, collages and illustrations. Decorate your interiors and embellish your spaces with colours, happiness and beauty.

Here below the latest project for my client in Austria

For more info contact me on 07720573224 or email at erreisart@gmail.com


Lots of good things!

Hello everyone,

Sorry if I have not posted in a while. My life has been quite unexpected lately and lots of good things happened that took my attention away from posting my artistic growth regularly. Choosing to main stream my journey isn’t always that easy. Sometimes I am scared I get people bored with my stubbornness to repeat always the same things!

Anyhow, here below three examples of my development. This set of paintings describe my individuality as a human being capable to fight against depression, discrimination, bullying, racism, homophobic, women abuse and sexual harassment. Being a gay and proud individual I believe this is the time we all speak up for equality, freedom of expression and stand by good morals that keep us in love with ourselves and the planet!


I am also writing the 4th volume of The Magicians Against The Evilarts, available to preorder on Kindle Amazon for only £3.99.

Kira loses herself in a parallel dimension of weird and scary living beings. Her identity is well known here and she will find troubles along the way of saving Joel: creepy creatures, a powerful demon, a sacred book and an irresistible food curiosity. “Kira, it is time to be serious in a moment like this!”

The paperback and digital version will be available to purchase from the 25th September. An interesting date since from that day my life will become busier and busier! Lots of ideas are coming on the way!

Always related to The Magicians, you can now subscribe for $4.99 a month and download high quality resolution digital illustrations that I share on my live stream videos at http://www.watchmework.com every Friday @ 7pm-8pm BST London Time – Subscribe on my Youtube channel to check my live videos!.


OnlyFans Monthly Subscription

That’s it for now. Ah yes! Obviously don’t forget to pass by my Instagram and Facebook profiles where you can keep up to date with idea processes and new exciting juicy fruits!!!

Bye bye for now