With love

Opinionated people still have the better of me.

I feel there’s a huge sense of responsibility right now where I’m trying to create something out of my head, and it don’t make sense. So I try to create something out of my heart, yet it don’t make sense.

It is a fragile situation everyone is facing, perhaps the sense of responsibility is not about making art everyone can enjoy anymore. This duty is now challenged by consistency and persistency. It is challenged by showing love to everyone. Keeping hope alive. And removing the “do not disturb” sign from the front door, to replacing it with “solidarity and a FaceTime chat”. And I care of every single one of my readers as I care of every single person that reaches out and understand my message.

I am trying to show everyone how to love, how to make the best out of what we have been given. I am showing that the world, nonetheless, is still beautiful and full of discoveries. It is not a coincidence I have been given a platform where I can share my art with the world, and now I can use it to expand and keep the collective awareness alive. So I simply ask everyone of you reading this, keep on loving, being kind, responsible and respectful to one another. I promise you, if you give you’ll receive. Now more than ever is time to give. So go and surf the web, reach out to those seeking for help, and support them. They’ll appreciate it more than a cup of coffee.

I truly wish you all the best things from now onwards. And if you think this is over, well think again. It takes more than a flipping virus to put us down.

With love

Your favorite artist

THIRTY is now available to order

I’ve been called posh, faggot, queer, sugar tits, bitch, selfish, handicap, pussy…and maybe more. I was threatened with a paper knife right on my throat for being homosexual. Never had a strong support system in my family, aunties and gramma were kinda harsh. I’ve been envied by talentless people, and they tried to make my life a misery. I’ve been pushed down, thrown away, discouraged, used, abused. I always felt a lot of fingers pointing at me when I was trying to be myself. And do you think I’ve stopped being it? Hell no! I actually mixed all of it in a big pot with some yellow paint..and called myself an Artist. Pretty neat right?

The book contains art, illustrations, poems, philosophical thoughts and designs throughout my creative career and my life as an artist. It is not a conventional artistic journey so don’t expect anything ordinary. The book is ready to order or you can ask for a signed copy, details as follow… If you want to order your signed copy, then DM me and I’ll share all the info needed. Otherwise if you’re seeing this post on FB, Tumblr or Twitter you can order THIRTY on this link http://tiny.cc/foc9fz

If you don’t live in the UK, just search on Amazon or on Google “THIRTY The Life of an Artist, a Buddhist, a Friend, a Volcano of Ideas

See you all soon

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Happy New Year, THIRTY, Paint review, Tutorial & MUCH MORE…

Hey guys,

I don’t know about you but 2019 was a rollercoaster of events! A lot of projects completed, my solo art exhibition in London, a full collection of artwork sold out, collaborations with companies and organisations took place and finally my book THIRTY is now out in the world ready to be ordered! That’s right the wait is done…Apparently it has been described as “visceral, you can feel it in your guts, it is so f*** cool!”. I can’t wait for all of you to grab a copy and tell me what you think, you can order it on Amazon if you live in the UK and the link is down below. If you would like to receive a signed copy just comment or direct message me on Instagram or Facebook and you’ll get all the info needed! If you live somewhere else on planet earth, just Google search THIRTY Roberto Sannibale, The Life of an Artist, a Buddhist, a Friend, a Volcano of Ideas, you shall find it easily in one of your favourite book store!

Don’t forget to watch the review of Liquitex Acrylic Paint Set, what the heck has happened there!? Just find out! I love unboxing and review paint so if you have seen a brand and you’re not sure how it’ll perform just comment below and I shall consider reviewing it 🙂

Since it’s 2020, in this video I’ll talk about 2019, my book, a new review and treat you with a brand new tutorial. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Don’t forget to follow me on IG, FB check out my Blog and Website, and grab your copy of THIRTY!

See you all soon

THIRTY – The Life of an Artist, a Buddhist, a Friend, a Volcano of Ideas

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Pre-order THIRTY!

🚨🚨🚨THIRTY is now available pre-order on AMAZON🚨🚨🚨

If you like good taste in design, art and poetry grab your copy of THIRTY now!!

The Life of an Artist, a Buddhist, a Friend, a Volcano of Ideas at THIRTY.

Roberto Sannibale’s journey through art, illustration and design, from childhood to adulthood.

This book shows an insatiable desire to stand still in front of a world that has lost all concern for others. You’ll be looking at the every day life of an Italian Gay Artist. Rage. Struggle. Happiness. Sadness. Darkness and light. Assumptions. Judgments. A lot of work. Joy. Sex. Anxiety. Freedom. Hope. Compassion. Dreams.

The aim is to entertain you with who I chose not to become, who I am now and who I plan to be.

This book is created and inspired by happenings made by, or to, me over the past several years. You might get inspired by it or you can just keep it on your book shelf for the years to come. You never know what I’ll come up with at 60 🙂

This book is the outcome of why I am an artist, you’ll be able to feel and see where I come from, what message resides behind my creations and how I get inspired.

I hope you will enjoy my story and perhaps learn from a human being who has moved away from a traditional way of looking at life.

✔️✔️✔️Pre-order here⤵️⤵️⤵️


Drowned – My life is not a bell

Drowned – my life is not a bell

The one struggle that many face and very few are able to express.

To learn how to swim

the wounded man didn’t know,

it took a lot of effort

Must he toughen his skin

and move on

Learning how swim,

the wounded man knew

Drowning was not the end

Winter Updates

Hey guys,

how are you all doing? Winter is here or at least in north Europe is…and it doesn’t look like an easy one neither. IT’S COLD…

A part from Brexit circus parade, economical crisis and fearful masses, I’m doing great…I’m still following my dream and making my art every day, I couldn’t be happier. Regardless the mess going on out there right now, I can still find the strength to smile and move on.

As I’ve been sharing for the last few months, you can see below my full Scenery Collection. It’s far beyond the abstract paintings I’ve been making in my career, but I find them very satisfying and pleasing to the eye. They are all now on sale for £25 each send me a DM to my FB page and order yours today, click here 

On the launch of my book I’ll be sharing how and where you can get hold of your copy, so stay tuned in if you’re interested to read “The Life of an Artist, a Buddhist, a Friend, a Volcano of Ideas at THIRTY”.

Along with my personal projects, I have been working for companies and organisations as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Also, since I’m getting more and more amazing projects on board, I am learning Video Animations too! So here is a quick video to show you some of my beginner skills 


I have some amazing new projects in my bag that I will share very soon. I hope you’ll be enjoying my THIRTY era, it’s full of colours, self assurance, confidence and lots and lots of smiles