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Brand new Merchandise on Redbubble

I hope you guys are having a good Sunday.

All my illustrations and drawings can now be found on my Redbubble Shop! Star signs, Cats, Dogs and Fantasy Landscapes available printed on all sort of merchandise you like. I am very proud with the outcome and the way they look, so go on click on the link!!


How to be a Successful Illustrator in 6 Steps

Today I am sharing my experience as an illustrator in 6 steps. I am really enjoying making videos, it’s fun and easy to explain my point of view.

Much more is on the pot right now, and I will be sharing my videos often.

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How to Pour Paint Tutorial


I have made a new video of How to Pour Paint with Acrylic paint! This was my first experiment and I really had so much fun despite being ill 😝😝

Thanks for watching!

I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did making it. Thanks for liking, sharing and commenting my posts, my photos, my work.

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What it takes to be Commissioned Art

If you’ve been following me on facebook, I posted something the other day about quantity compared to quality.

The matter and philosophy behind it come from a situation that most of my fellow artists and you readers might mutually agree with. In fact, when we are commissioned work from business men or entrepreneurs all they are looking for is shit loads of different versions of the same design hoping that one of them will sell more and more to increase their profit. Well, despite my appreciation of their role in life because without them, let’s face the truth, we artists wouldn’t have projects to survive from. However, the audacity of asking to work so much for so little remuneration and reject all of the hard work diminish the meaning of art and capacity to see a sense on it at all.

So a little bit of advice my dearests, when someone, a commissioner, a business headed pig, or an insignificant ignorant old man, is asking you to make great quality work, do it! Do that great quality work and be proud of the standard you set for yourself! And as another piece of wisdom to share, your art can not be replaced or reproduced from anyone else!!

Now, having said that and got it out my chest I will happily carry on being positive and learn everything I need to learn on my own pace. Cause, when you learn and give yourself the time you need, life is much better to enjoy.

See ya ;D