(Late) Spring Updates


It seems forever since I have last posted on my blog. Oh God, I did miss it so bad to share my journey online. I am not sure why, but every time I write on here my life makes more sense. I love posting my seasonal updates and keep people on the loop with what is going on. Definitely my path took a super long jump, quite surreal actually, I’ll explain further below.

The last six months have been such a game changer, my book THIRTY is now part of the British Heritage, it’ll be preserved for generations to come, and it’s held on the shelves of the most notorious libraries such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales and the College University of Dublin. You do know me by now, I am not whatsoever into the blink of things and do not like to brag myself, but this is a good feeling, I have no other words to express my sincere gratitude. Having said that, for those of you that still have not read my books, you can still order your copies on BookDepository. Both publications “Tales of Decadence and Empowerment, 2020” and “THIRTY, 2019” are still available to print on demand, and on BookDepository you can get them delivered anywhere in the world! I wrote both to be read and it’d be a waste if you missed them out. So go on and let me know what you think on the comments below or by leaving a review.

(click on the picture to open the link)
(click on the picture to open the link

I don’t live in London anymore, I moved to the East Midlands. I let the pictures below tell you why. Finally I crowned another dream, living so close to nature and in the middle of nowhere is such a powerful remedy for my mental health. I know no one yet, and this is a good thing. I let go of everything and did not carry with me all of those clingy and needy people I have dealt with in the past – we all had to deal with those at least once in our lives, right?

It’s easier to lose your sense of self in big cities, too many people to respond to, too much noise. Also removing myself from social media and other types of modern communication devices, helped me to regain control of my own thoughts and no one is expecting to receive a reply back from me. This is the huge struggle today, too many expectations on relationships, too many requirements from both sides to have answers all the time. I feel so much better now, I don’t need to contact anyone and no one needs to contact me. Conversations are starting to become more of a pleasure rather than a one way system, to give or to receive

This is not the end of me tho. Being a true believer of love and compassion, I still have so much to give to humanity. Faith pushes our spirits to grow and expand, and I think I have a lot of that. Think of me as able to give more than what the eye tricks to believe. These paintings show exactly what kind of evolution I am undertaking.

Although, who know me personally think of me as an escaper, I’d like to take the opportunity once more to express that following your heart does make no sense. And why should I give a reason to explain my actions to others? I leave this question for all of you to answer. If you can’t answer it yet, I strongly suggest you to dig deeper. The corners of our existence are scary, full of obstacles and uncomfortable memories. However, the path to lead us to ourselves is full of small conscious steps, which might seem taking too long at times, or sinking too rapidly, but eventually they all lead us to the light.


Orange Sunset Timelapse Creative Process
Red Angel Timelapse Creative Process

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Thanks for all of your support, thanks to my followers and readers, and thanks for those occasional emails and comments I receive about my art. Truly appreciated.

See you all very, very soon.

What’s going on?

Hey guys,

I will cover up quite a lot on this post, so make sure you take sometime to listen or read it carefully.

I know that I have to keep a positive spirit in these tragic times, but when I read that there’s a food crisis and that “they” want to change our agriculture system to feed us with mealworms (covering it with the health crisis we are facing), my spirit gets a little angry. I am exposing what is going on widely and peacefully, meaning I am not going to protest down the streets, but I will be using the means available to me: as in being part of like minded people that want to bring change, this is what I call sustainability, in hope that one person listening to this, or reading this, will pass it on to another, and so on.

It’s very dangerous today to stay in the middle ground, or to be careful of pointing the finger without getting hurt, but we can’t stay in an ignorant and selfish place of mind waiting for others to wake up unless we take a stand together. If you feel it’s right eventually it will turn to your favour in the future, I guarantee it. We must choose a side to fight the uprising of technocracy, slowly taking away our freedom. I utilise every weapon to me available, my heart and my intention to build a prosperous future. I don’t have kids, I don’t have a partner, but this is not stopping me to be a free man, free from the chains of a system put in place since a very long time. I want to fight alongside freedom of expression and speech. I want to shine light to technocracy, totalitarian economic slavery, censorship and communitarianism (a philosophy that emphasises the connection between the individual and the community. Its overriding philosophy is based upon the belief that a person’s social identity and personality are largely moulded by community relationships, with a smaller degree of development being placed on individualism, source: wikipedia). I focus my energies to bring forward natural order, equality, human expansion and truth.

The aim is to achieve the enlightenment of the human race and build a greener planetary system for permanent growth.

What everyone seems to forget is that there is the solution and there is the possibility to build a civilised world where people are the focus of attention. There won’t be any need of taxation or borders if we work together towards harmony, peace and respect. It is important to understand our bodily integrity, the respect of our own thoughts and body, in order to make change positively.

Because we have been taught the need of being controlled and the need to give ourselves away for the good of society, we’ve lost the very core meaning to exist and be the essential focus point of our own decisions. Today I am not going to give my attention to those that don’t want change. Today I am not going to be part of mass schematics for fear of being neglected. Today I decide to be free and take down the walls dividing humans.

You can start this same journey checking out the research I have been doing in the last few weeks so that you can understand a little better where I am coming from.

We are not consumers anymore, we are users. We are under the spell of pretty posts, likes, comments and notifications on social media. AND CENSORSHIP! I have designed the graph below to show you the bigger picture, following links of documentaries and articles.

PS: If you still stumble across my books on one of these services, know that I am in process of mitigating the use of these platforms to other decentralised free places (e.g. Book Depository link here)

Further on this in my future posts

The problem – https://news.sky.com/story/insects-crawl-towards-european-dinner-plates-after-human-food-approval-12186748

The solution – Inhabit Documentary https://odysee.com/@jackspirko:a/inhabit-permaculture-movie:7

The plan – The Great Reset explanation https://odysee.com/@jackspirko:a/the-great-reset-explained-in-5-minutes:3

Agenda 21 – Rosa Koide 2013 conference https://odysee.com/@KnowledgeBase:e/Rosa-Koire-Agenda-21-Open-Mind-Conference-2013:f


Take action by simply informing yourself –


Is the sky green?

Hey guys,

I want to analyse a little bit about the meaning of some terminology being used on the internet, and so by people. These words are not in an alphabetical order, just like life, and I am open to opinions so you can leave your comments below, if interested.

Light worker – this term is highly used within the community of those allegedly “awakened ones”. It is used to identify a human being as a light bearer, a truth bearer. A truth bearer is able to hold a vast amount of information that are both classified as light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong, and the truth bearer is the conduit operating in the middle ground exposing both realities at the same time without falling for none of the extremes, otherwise known as upsetting the balance.

Awaken – this term represents a human being who has been exposed to high frequencies and vibrations, and he or she is able to interact with the metaphysics and the invisible heavens whilst holding physical form. This person is also able to understand the different facets and stages of life, to teach and learn from one other, how to astral project, the meaning of infinity, dimensional travelling, quantum physics and the capability to manifest reality from the invisible realm to the visible realm. He or she is aware of the importance of words and these are chosen carefully so that the scale won’t tip.

Light show-er – Light show-er is a person who keeps in touch with his or her higher self to show others, or unfold and reveal to others, their divine purpose, inspiration and choices currently available to create a peaceful world. He or she holds the banners of authenticity, acceptance, tolerance and honour, along with high state of consciousness that expand outside their own magnetic field and interact with others’ fields. This process is seen as essential by the light show-er as to implement the knowing of life and share uplifted messages of love and harmony. The light show-er is also able to investigate life in all forms to encourage others to find their divine purpose.

Whenever you meet a person or see someone holding these highly used terms, or they are on a more advanced stage in their spiritual journey, it does not mean they’re superior than others. When these people claim to be better than you the scale tips over and create disharmony, anger and arguments. The reason I am sharing this is because not everyone is able to live with the complete truth, everyone has a particular and individual journey to experiment with their own experiences, and come to a conclusion for themselves. However, we have been given this opportunity to hold such knowledge, and it is up to us to decide how to use it for our advantage. Implementing our life and follow our individual trail of cause and effect are to maintain a balance, it can only be reached by exercising our full extension of free will.

Before I leave you reflecting on this and ask questions to yourself, I want you to consider a problem of which you’re more than welcome to find a solution for.

  • If I were to tell you the sky is green, would you look up to see it for yourself? Or would you just take my words for granted because I said something so drastically outside the box to make you believe that the sky isn’t blue?


A couple of days ago I have deleted my main social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbrl and LinkedIn. This decision has been sat in my mind for quite some time, since the new acts about selling our personal information and data to third party companies, I think around 2016. The “chasers” are the main reason I made this decision – “chasers” = advertisement companies and corporation entities pushing sales on our feeds. Although I am not bound to give any of my reasons to others of why I make certain actions, my other motif to partially deactivate my online presence is also related to us, people. What I mean is that these platforms have brain washed us in a way that we need and have to know with whom we have spent dinner last night, or where we went on holiday, or why we have a cat, and so on. So I started noticing that actually when having conversation with others, I had to comply and share my personal bubble with them. Whether this was intentional at the conception of social media or we made it into a reality, I do not know. But what I can do is to step back from it, peacefully, without harm, and intentionally rebuild my own private space, which by the way is where I create my work so that I can share it with the “outside”. Having to regain control of my own environment will permit myself to create more profound and deep messages that will eventually speak to your soul and not to your intention to know how I look and who I am in society (If you want to know who I am and have interest to know me you can always buy my books, I shared a lot of personal journeys with writing). I am not asking you to follow me, I am telling you to make up your own mind of things, keep to yourself the precious ones and share with the world the good ones. In this way you don’t create a follow-ship based reality but a community of leaders where everyone is able to make their own decisions without harming others and without violence. Peace is at the core of every human being, and so is yours and mine.

Inspiring others with my art is what makes my purpose alive. Even if I reach only 1 person or 5 people, it is more than enough for me to think I made it. If you’re reading this, know that you are making me the happiest man in the world. But of course as many of you also, I still confront my mind with people afraid to lose everything as they believe that Facebook or art galleries are the only options to make a stamp on the art scene. Well, I have my opinion on this, I can only say that art was never meant to be a solution for money but an expansion of the soul, a way to feel the abundance of the universe. When I paint or write I don’t do it with a dollar sign imprinted in my brain, I channel my soul and my higher self so that others can do it too. I had to go through many issues in my life, which I can’t list them all here on this post (I shared them many times on other posts) as otherwise I won’t reach a conclusion. The conclusion is that I am intended to give you a spark of light, hope, the knowledge that we have been given a chance to cleanse our energies, minds and souls and to expand our intention to build a better world where everyone has a place and is honoured to be here.

I had a dream where we were down the streets celebrating our victories together. It was the biggest festival ever happened in history, we were celebrating freedom, life and community. Then I lost my wallet with my ID in it and my tobacco pouch, there were too many people around, but I didn’t panicked I knew I would have found them again. This is a sign that we are losing our addiction to unnecessary stress and reconstructing our new identities, so I know for sure that what I am talking about resonates with a lot of other people out there. There is also a voice constantly reminding me that “we are becoming one”. We are one mind. We are one big consciousness that governs reality. We are spiritual beings. We are the wisdom and the seed of life. We are love.

Before I conclude my update of positivity I want to share a poem I wrote yesterday. I hope you can all appreciate it. We are going through a tough time, but trust me there is light ahead of us.


Tales of Decadence and Empowerment

Tales of Decadence and Empowerment is now available to order on Amazon. This is the link

Please don’t bother the “out of stock” sign as my distributor offers a print-on-demand service, so if you don’t order a copy, or more, there won’t be any stock of course. Once you place the order the book will be printed within couple of days and dispatched as per any other regular Amazon orders.

I can’t wait for you to read it.

Also don’t forget that I have deleted all my social media accounts. You can now follow me on Telegram, I have created a public group where I am going to share my art and poetry regularly there. Here is the link t.me/erreart

I will all see you there.


On the 20th December I will deactivate my Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts. You can all find my public group Erre Art on Telegram t.me/erreart or look for the hashtag @erreart on the app Telegram.
The reason why: all networks such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more are planning to gather your data to tell you what you buy, what you need to watch, where you need to go, and so on.
I also deleted my Safari and Google browsers. I am using DuckDuckGo which doesn’t collect my data or sell them to third parties. So I am regaining control of my privacy and no one will ever know what I like to watch or where I want to spend my money.

If you want to come along, download the app Telegram. The link is below.
20th December this account won’t be available anymore.

See you there


In search for an Editor

The book is almost ready. I’m working on the writing a little more so that everyone can read it through smoothly. But if you’re an editor in the UK, and would be willing to have a look, please contact me. My details can be found on my insta account here

Tales of Decadence and Empowerment is not a novel or a fable. The book is the journey of our collective consciousness. If you’re interested in this philosophy, I would appreciate your help immensely.

Prices to be confirmed

In the meanwhile I can share the table of contents with you, I can’t wait for you to read it. It is pure providence work.

*all copyrights reserved to erreart.net


Tranquil night, peaceful night, the desperate quiet abides, the continuously liquorice demise; how much longer before seeing the light?

There is another veil beyond; forming compromise all over above; sending spirits smartly pure; to the fear stars carefully a mode

Fools forsake the peasants on streets, scholars amuse us with their speech; but night was made for all to seek, sacred and completed answers she release

Longer before we summoned our duels; interminable evening of vivid wounds, provoking the sleepers to know their gloom, another must wait to feel the cure

And in this I’m certain love’s in dust;

regardless the gentle quick bedtime rest, once awaken all the sun will burst

and nightmares at blink no more won’t scourge

Because, see? The night was made for us to watch: stars replicating the light we walk

Suns that restructure the voice within

and forever to uncover the hidden beneath

Tale of Decadence and Empowerment


Let there be inspiration, love and magic

New book coming soon, stay tuned to find out how to order your copy. This is the back cover summary: Tom Fieldemberg is a weird creature, he introduces the reader to entities that belong in the Invisible Realm. He likes to call his readers “dear friends”. The Tales are analogies of our reality, they are what we are experiencing as human collective. The Truth is a huge part of every story, just like the one we are living in. Unique contents of current events through the lens of inspirational thinking and illustrated by Roberto Sannibale. The Book is a permanent source of discussion for topics of the collective consciousness. Perhaps, it will help you to open up your mind and form new ideas not present to the senses.

This piece of project was inspired particularly by the painting I am sharing today from Delacroix, Liberty Leading The People. I hope when the book will be out you can get a copy as it is truly providence work.

“Liberty Leading the People is a painting by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830, which toppled King Charles X of France.” source: Wikipedia

Another source that inspired me to write my upcoming book “Tales of Decadence and Empowerment” is the painting of “The Origin of the Milky Way by Jacopo Tintoretto”. This 16th century painting was to represent the origins of the legendary Heracles, the Greek divine hero to defeat the underworld monsters. Although he was a paragon of masculinity, his doings to protect peace for the beloved nation were fantastic, to my eyes. The painting represents the creation of the cosmos, which I must confess I am in love especially with the graphic element of shooting stars off a milking breasts. Quite revolutionary at the time.

So stay tuned in to find out how to order your copy. I can’t wait for all of you to read it 😊🌅

Peace and love

Multi-dimension Art and Projects

Hey 👋 

I am honoured to announce:

1) the new logo

2) artworks created during my current journey

3) remembering the path of light and…

4) new songs from my upcoming sound collection, titled: ThirtyOne

The resonance is powerful. The joy experiencing is lovely. And sharing it with all of you is an indescribable feeling. 
I wish you light and love 🌅

*these are the artworks shared, in order: 1, flower garden, 🔴 Sold, available only on commission. 2, artwork from my collection #machebello 3, waterfalls, 🔴 Sold. 4, Vortex, 🔴 Sold. 5, Sunset by the lake, 🔴 Sold. 5, artwork from my collection Drowned. 6, Quiet Before The Storm, 🔴 Sold. 

**The book shown is a self-publication and these are the details: THIRTY, the Artist’s journey, follow the link in the bio. If you’re seeing this post on facebook, twitter or tumblr here is the link http://tiny.cc/foc9fz

***The illustrations are as follow: 1, She Looks Like A Man, lost artwork in Rome, made around 2008-2009. 2, Venus and The Portal, an illustration that didn’t make it on my book THIRTY. 3, Athens, hand-drawn illustration. 4, Galaxy, digital illustration. 5, We Are Gods, digital design. 

These are my most successful social platforms where I exchange my art with the rest of the world:

🎨Facebook: https://facebook.com/robbiesart.erreart

🎨Instagram: https://instagram.com/erre.art

Publications that can be found online:

🇬🇧THIRTY, the life of an Artist, a Buddhist, a Friend, a Volcano of Ideas: https://amzn.to/3hV5DME

🇮🇹COLORI, tra l’inconscio e la realtà: https://amzn.to/3fczAGz

Where to find my art available for sale:

👨🏼‍🎨Online Art Gallery: https://erreart.net/erreart/artgallery

🌍Website: https://erreart.net

– email Roberto at sales@erreart.net when you found your perfect match

I am still offering to people the course “How to make your Hobby a Successful Business Online”. You will be undertaking a spiritual journey discovering your passion and calling, and learn how to express yourself in an ever growing internet social interaction.

May light and joy surround you in your endeavour.

Much love, Roberto 🌅❤🙏

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