Listening to make art. My art

I’ve noticed that I’m always talking about my opinion in life and shit. Lately, I really had to stop and listen to others. You know, to balance it off. 

My very good friend, she’s from Poland. She lives here in London since 10 years or something. She’s really struggling with money. Her husband works night shifts and they have a daughter that still goes to primary school during the week. She can’t work more than 30 hours a week and her husband can’t make it anymore. He’s not thinking for himself. He’s doing a job that he doesn’t like only to survive till the 3rd week of the month. He is not happy. So is she. And they have to fake it till they make it for their child, so that she lives a “normal” life. Without stress and worrying only about going to school and after school activities when affordable. 

I was listening. All I could see is an enormous sacrifice of two people for one human being. Their daughter. And here I am talking about life like if I know it all sometimes. Who are we to decide which one of us is doing better or worst? Who am I not to be able in giving an advice to my friend but stating the truth only? 

Here comes back my artistic thinking. I am here to make everyone live like that little girl. With no worries of what it’s going on in the world but beautiful things to look at. Cause when you look deeper you always find a little truth. That we are all the same and that we are all sacrificing ourselves for something bigger than us. 

Mine it’s art. 

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Digital illustration. 

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I’m an artist. Who are you?

I just want to share something good today. A marvellous day today with lots of smiles and good things going on. 

There isn’t really much space when we are talking about good stuff. We are more interested in having to know why that happen and in what circumstances. And when actually something happy happens…well that is kinda it. Just something good happened. 

Did we really ever stopped to appreciate this good? I mean literally…stopped to admire what we have created or done or made or seen. Do we? I am pretty sure we did before. But we sort of lost it. I’m here to keep you awaken and awared of us HERE trying to have a better community. 

I’m a biliever, still. And I’m young to fight with all my weapons against bigotry, ignorance and hatery. Especially against corporations, corrupted systems and masses behaviours. 

I’m an artist. Who are you?

Summer Newsletter and Updates

Hello everyone!

It’s finally SUMMER! And with new exciting projects to celebrate fun, life and sunny days!

Free Summer Delivery between 15th June to 15th July 2017! This is for UK only on a minimum spend of £50!

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The Magicians Against The Evilarts Volume 3, Rescue is now available on Kindle and Amazon. When you buy a paperback copy the digital one comes for free and you can share it with family and friends.

3 Rescue_kindle cover
Gorkous ripped Alex’s hand. Bulb stubbed Aromy’s shoulder. And Carpilla transformed Joel into a Mandichan. A single spell can change the whole world’s events. And Kira is too sorry for her brother to save Earth. Thankfully Miriam takes charge of the situation and performs a legendary curse to save her friends. What else can Kira take in after Joel kidnapping and morphing to an evil warrior?

And for those ones a bit more curious I have put together a quick slideshow of my latest illustrations of The Magicians. Which will go towards an illustration book available for purchase at the end of the first season!

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And of course follow me on Instagram and Facebook to find out more for commissioned and personalised artworks!

Next week I will become an astronaut 

For some, life is easy. Sharing their events on social media as an ever ending tail. An illusion that will eventually shatter in pieces like a mirror that doesn’t want to say you’re the most beautiful of’em all. That simple. Just to show they are everything and they got it all. Hoping for envy from people. For some, life is too easy. 

On the other hand, for others, life is a journey. A trip with thousands stops where every each one of them teach you how to reach the next one. A wonder made of joy, love and harmony. Facing balances of madness, effort and discipline. Always there people wanting you do more. And always there people pretending you are good. 

For some others there’s only darkness. Or there’s only materialism. Religion. Faith. Happiness. Karma. Medicines. Depression. Loneliness. 

I just wanna say something. Care for yourself and pay no attention to what your next one says or does. At the very end of our own lives we will become one, eventually. Like two ice cubes going back into the ocean. They will melt and become water again. So do we. 

Where can you find me, June 2017

Next month on 5th June and 10th June my art will be feature on two magazines in London. A5 Portfolio Magazine and Wotisart? Magazine will have my details on their publications. The magazines will also be sent to a number of different art organisations in the hope that the featured artists will gain some recognition for their work. 

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