How to shop on Etsy

Hello guys!! I am so excited to share with all of you my video explanation of “How to Shop on Etsy”!!!

Here is the link for you to watch it

And of course, Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone!!!



What it takes to be Commissioned Art

If you’ve been following me on facebook, I posted something the other day about quantity compared to quality.

The matter and philosophy behind it come from a situation that most of my fellow artists and you readers might mutually agree with. In fact, when we are commissioned work from business men or entrepreneurs all they are looking for is shit loads of different versions of the same design hoping that one of them will sell more and more to increase their profit. Well, despite my appreciation of their role in life because without them, let’s face the truth, we artists wouldn’t have projects to survive from. However, the audacity of asking to work so much for so little remuneration and reject all of the hard work diminish the meaning of art and capacity to see a sense on it at all.

So a little bit of advice my dearests, when someone, a commissioner, a business headed pig, or an insignificant ignorant old man, is asking you to make great quality work, do it! Do that great quality work and be proud of the standard you set for yourself! And as another piece of wisdom to share, your art can not be replaced or reproduced from anyone else!!

Now, having said that and got it out my chest I will happily carry on being positive and learn everything I need to learn on my own pace. Cause, when you learn and give yourself the time you need, life is much better to enjoy.

See ya ;D


Every 8th December, in Italy, families gather around the tree and decorate the whole house for Christmas.

Since I am living far, far away from home, in a distant land made of magic and enchanted creatures. Yet, am living in the tiniest place in London, I have drawn my decorations on my iPad Pro.

Does it count as holiday spirit? What do you guys say?

If you are looking for a special gift to your loved ones, you can always give me a buzz and have delivered an amazing personalised portrait, illustration or unique piece of art. Made just for you!

December Updates

And here we are, counting down Christmas the busiest time of the year. And it truly is for my art too.

There are few collaborations and projects in place for my YouTube Channel coming up early next year. A new Robbie’s Art Store on Etsy is on its way too and soon all my Art Collections will be available for sale on Artfinder.

November has been a month of big changes. I quit my full time job and now I am making art every day. Creating. And being inspired by my new life. I’m not sure where this will lead me to, but I know this is the time to make things right and feel good about my individual. Strongly suggest you to do the same!

The start of something I always dreamt of.

ART has helped me achieve all I have now, it has been my best friend and worst enemy. Today, I proved myself results I couldn’t possibly imagine. And more than art, my real supporters that believed in me in all of these years has only made this experience even more exciting.

So thank you all to like, share and comment my posts, my work, my life.

A new art Remedy

I am organising an online channel and live sessions in London in regard with depression and mental health, how much these matters can jeopardise our daily life and how to prevent this to happen.

Depression, mental health and bullying have been a huge part of my life until I decided to use them as topics and themes for my art projects. Society, behaviour, masses, politics, spiritualism. Topics that everyone can relate to and sometime scared to say it out loud. This courses will unleash your self confidence, boost your creativity and self expression. By sharing my experience and make it useful for those who really need help out there.

Being an artist is often mistaken as being a rebel, but following your heart if the most revolutionary act you could ever do.

By completing this quick survey I can gather some important data needed for my project. Help me to help you.

Click on the link below and a survey will pop up for you to complete.

Thanks again for you support

Follow your guts

This couple of weeks have been very productive. It’s now November and for some weird reason, every November seems to be the end of an old cycle and a new beginning.

A lot of changes are happening and everything is falling into place. Since September 2017 my life has gone through a proper rollercoaster. I started my college and then decided to start something different. I changed job, designed kitchens, redraw The Magicians Against The Evilarts, met loads of new people, pushed my skills to the limit, open up my own website, reached almost 1400 following on my facebook page, hired an art manager which is advising me and guiding me. I have gained a lot of experience. But surely I would have never have done it if my followers wouldn’t have been so amazing.

Thank you so much for liking, sharing and commenting on my artworks, journals and progresses in this crazy path I’m into.

As an artist sometimes I don’t really know why I end up in certain situations or in particular places. I just follow my guts and I strongly recommend you to do the same.