a. Hardship, b. Rejection, c…

Two things define you as a real artist: a. Hardship, and b. Rejection.

Turning Art expression into a professional biz, isn’t an easy ride. You got to learn a lot about yourself, your fears, your delusions, failures, successes. You need to shape your mindset to achieve something. Being good isn’t being ambitious at the end of the day, and sometime you have to let the stream flow before the next ship comes along and take you on board. The secret is to know when it’s time to take actions, and when it’s time to sit back and think.

But, even when the next ship arrives and you feel more than ready to go far with it, your ticket isn’t enough to get on board. You need more. Damn, I wish one look in the eyes sometime is more than enough to leave an impression of honesty. No matter how good your intentions are, you will always meet the driver of that boat having a bad day and give you attitude.

That’s when the secret option pops out.

c. Motivation. Keep carrying producing work, not only helps you to become an expert, but it also ease the pain of making it to the end without the need of giving up.


For what it’s worth

For your consideration, I was making digital artworks before they became “the next new thing”. I was merging three to four different artistic movements: Surrealism, Impressionism, Pop Art and Decay Art before they have called it Contemporary Art. And before Conceptualism made sensations out of toilets, I was taking selfies in the bathroom.

I want to be loved by people and I want them to see my art as an exciting upcoming wave of hope and obviously “the next new thing”.

He’s amazing. He’s a bad ass artist. He’s art is exceptional, out of the ordinary. He’s way of creating is clever and unexpected. He’s storytelling is intertwined and breathtaking. He’s presence is omnipotent. This is how I’m going to be remembered #artist

So for what it’s worth, I am working hard to get out there and have as many people as possible to follow me in this rollercoaster. But if you haven’t followed me yet, find me everywhere possible, because without you I won’t be able to crown my dream.

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Series of all Paintings since 2011


Click on the video to watch my Series of all Paintings since 2011, by Roberto Sannibale, Owner and Creator of Erreart.
I have put together a Video Portfolio of all my Paintings. These are the main collections that represented a transition for each year and also are available to buy on all my channels, links below.

Other projects took place during the year gaps I didn’t create any paintings for sale. I hope you enjoyed the video.

More is about to come, as always.

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February Updates

Hey there!

As you might have noticed, I have launched my Youtube channel where I share my thoughts and ideas about art and new collections, and my Etsy Store is up and running finally!

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Speaking about new collections, you can now shop the Pouring Collection on my Etsy shop. These are all original artworks I have created evolving my abstract painting skills. I was constantly looking for new ideas on how to develop my meaningful art pieces and this new set of paintings really incorporates at what stage my journey is.

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isla_500x500.34255553_k3ko88o6Click on the picture to check out my Etsy Store




Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner. So I have made this digital illustration for all the lovers out there! If you want to celebrate your relationship you can always add a custom note on the bottom left of the picture and make it unique!

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A new collaboration with another amazing artist is in place so my dear friends stay tuned in to find out an upcoming masterpiece. I can see lots of positivity on the horizon and this is only the beginning for a whole new way of life! 2019 is the year where we will all receive our rewards for all the hard work we put in since 2009. And to celebrate this new movement in our lives, I have made a whole set of illustrations dedicated to our new achievements. These are my zodiac star signs collection. They specify this moment in our universe and I really hope you all like them as I LOVE THEM!

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Q&A Video with Erreart

Hey everyone,

This is my new video educating you all with what Erreart stands for and means, and also I answered some of the questions my followers asked me on Instagram and Facebook.

I can answer more, just drop a comment below and I’ll come back to you. In the meanwhile, if you liked my video make sure to subscribe to my channel on Youtube

Thanks for watching I will see you all soon

How to be a Successful Illustrator in 6 Steps

Today I am sharing my experience as an illustrator in 6 steps. I am really enjoying making videos, it’s fun and easy to explain my point of view.

Much more is on the pot right now, and I will be sharing my videos often.

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