Q&A Video with Erreart

Hey everyone,

This is my new video educating you all with what Erreart stands for and means, and also I answered some of the questions my followers asked me on Instagram and Facebook.

I can answer more, just drop a comment below and I’ll come back to you. In the meanwhile, if you liked my video make sure to subscribe to my channel on Youtube

Thanks for watching I will see you all soon


Brand new Merchandise on Redbubble

I hope you guys are having a good Sunday.

All my illustrations and drawings can now be found on my Redbubble Shop! Star signs, Cats, Dogs and Fantasy Landscapes available printed on all sort of merchandise you like. I am very proud with the outcome and the way they look, so go on click on the link!!


Small Flower Garden

Hello lovelys,

In the middle of lots of changes but still happy and groovy as didn’t happen for a long time! I have been on holiday for the last two weeks, and took the time to revisit my priorities, life and mission. Designed, drew, composed new special pieces for all of you. A massive thank you to all my supporters, friends and followers to encourage me on my every step and art journey. 

These are small pieces of my famous Flower Garden, a three dimensional artwork that embellishes your homes. A true free spirit inspired by natural imperfections yet beautiful and stunning colours. So here they are, raw, happy and ready to find a new home!

  • £20 • Small 10x10cm red flower garden on box non-toxic canvas with acrylic paint
  • £40 • Large 20x20cm purple and white rose flower garden on box non-toxic canvas painted with acrylic paint
  • £35 • Medium 15x15cm green and pink flower garden on box non-toxic canvas with acrylic paint and sparkles


Center pieces made with artificial flowers, sparkle gems and lots of love. Ideal for weddings, restaurants, events – all venues you could possibly imagine. Installed on a box canvas painted with acrylic colours. These items are for delivery world wide. Post and packing is not included, collection available in London, current location CR7. Ask for more info if and when interested. You can email me at erreisart@gmail.com or visit, like and share my facebook page or instagram account.


Till then, drink lots of water and if you are in the northern hemisphere keep warm, or in the southern hemisphere keep cool!

Bye bye

Flower Garden

Choose your own colours and composition for a 2D or 3D Flower Garden.

I always create a flower abstract painting or installation on canvas with a variety of natural colours, so that your days can be as bright as a summer garden all year round. The inspiration is nature and its beautiful imperfection. Roses, waterlilies, ivy, daisies, tulips, just choose your favorite ones and I will put them together with some glue and fun!

The pictures you see are artworks I sold worldwide. Yours is still waiting to be created, go on ask your questions!

Latest Updates, November 2016

Hello dearest followers,

Here some updates of my last projects.

November has been a very busy and interesting month to me. I am dealing with lots of responds on my Instagram, please have a look! 

This is a little gem of my Family Portrait. It’s called: Family Star Sign. Leo, Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius. My family and siblings zodiac Signs represented with watercolour on framed paper! 

I have experimented new techniques, such as polyfilla on mdf board.

Or identified an image of twin flames. Like this one below…

Created new feature for my blog which will come up in January. After the holiday rush here a quick sneak pick. Customised framed canvases called Greeting Canvases. You can have written any sorts of appreciation. From Thank You to You’re Awesome or You Totally Rock! Have a look! 

And for interior fanatics. Here are some Art Montage Interior where you can see how to feature my wall art in different places of your house! 

Coming up soon the next volume of The Magicians (you can download the first volume for free here). 

Volume 2 of The Magicians Against The Evilarts: The Birth of Magic is coming later next month…

When Kira and the others are in front of a new threat. A new Magician raise from the mist. Unexpectedly he’s someone very close! They will fight against these unknown demons and things are getting a bit dangerous…

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Wall art under £50

Wall art. Compositions, Fine art and others


Wall art. Portraits


Wall art. Landscapes


Wall art. Pop art pieces


Wall art. Abstract

See you all soon for my next updates! You take care all and enjoy life. We only get one of it. 

And have happy holidays. 

My ideas are bigger than the space I’ve been given

I must give an explanation of my blog title- and why I have a blog instead of a domain. Alumn of self-consciousness is my next project. It’s the way I am living now. An explanation of my reinvented self. 
Technically the world Alumn does not exist. The right term is Alumni. These are graduated university students. Masters individuals in a certain industry. Skills learnt and developed in years of assignments and hardwork.

Self-consciousness is a twisted word to say I’m a student of oneself and selfless. A study with heart, mind and soul of the universe. Where as in The GuhGuh Project I was appreciating my life – through fun times and a mouthful of adrenaline. Alumn of self-consciousness frames my mature artistic development. And grown sensibility of nowadays matters. 

Harmless look into my capacities as an artist producing art for everyone. 

I have been categorised as contemporary artist. Which is not the way I want to come across. Contemporary art is too clever and too absent. My art is about looking behind what we see. If you can sense your emotions in what I paint. Then it’s the right art piece for you. 

I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel. I’m a reminder to forgetful people, and myself at times, of how to use it.