Q&A Video with Erreart

Hey everyone,

This is my new video educating you all with what Erreart stands for and means, and also I answered some of the questions my followers asked me on Instagram and Facebook.

I can answer more, just drop a comment below and I’ll come back to you. In the meanwhile, if you liked my video make sure to subscribe to my channel on Youtube

Thanks for watching I will see you all soon


Sharing is art

And watching To Wong Foo I realised the importance of generousity. I am struggling thinking of making my way like someone else’s want it. But I should really pursue my path as on my own. 

That is what I’m learning these days. It’s hard of course. It’s ups and downs every corner more than ever. And when I will come back home, these overcome steps and growing experiences will teach my people. They will be left with good things to imagine. And kindness to give to others. 

I am making my dream come true. Day by day. And I will not stop till something new is learned. This is my art and I am sharing it with the world. 

What’s happening in London

6 years ago, I’ve seen myself to fly for the first time in a place I didn’t know. 

6 years later, I’m sitting in one of the thousand rooms I’ve been renting questioning my morals. 

It’s hard…why do I want to make people understand? Why should I spend time to show how it must be done. Can I not just let it go? If it’s wrong, well it can always be repaired. My philosophy and my methods are in a very weird balance. Switching from good to bad in a blink of an eye. Life is going too fast around me. And I always miss a piece. 

I want peace. I wanna leave for a quite place. This is my new dream. Become consistent with what I have. And leave behind those whom don’t believe in me. I need people to believe in me. Believe in what I think and what I do. 

Making decisions to become the person I am today. Decisions as of a comfortable life or take a risk to make me go forward in this journey. 

I got scared. 

I am here to start a movement. I may not be its solo leader. I can just say we are sons and daughters of a very old philanthropical way of thinking. We don’t love human beings anymore. We are in transition. Looking for oneself. We feel and see things beyond the third dimension. We are approaching the fourth dimension. People who don’t see it are left behind or they can only be shown how to use their hearts.  

Use your heart. Dismiss who uses your wellbeing and talent to make business. Dislike the already made sentences you have to listen everyday. Don’t see the bigger picture concentrate and think at what you’re doing. Is it really something you want? Is it really what you love?

Don’t restrict or harm yourself. Show your love to everyone. Show them you can still smile after wherever the experiences have landed you. We must share our beliefs so to find our own kinds. 

This is a romantic Italian. Writing in a not very fluent English, so I’m told. But still talking about morals, support and sharing. 


ERT Philosophy


ERT Philosophy. My new concept for the last 3 months…I just discovered how beautiful is to be different and you all should be try it! Do whatever you want to do!!! and be responsible for the own happyness…


The men. The ball blew and the flame comes out! When you feel hot, ready, capable, vain and invincible! The men lives the illusion to be immortal…the hope to be…the strenght that keep us fight!



The rain. The heads and the flames come from the universe…because we are part of that infinate fate draw…


The belief. The strenght to be part of the universe and to feel it…


The dream. The hope…that everyone will have the same view…





After long time, since the beginning, this blog

ImageAfter long time, since the beginning, this blog has been a window for my poetry, my designs and my surreal world. 

I have told my experience of love, my experience in London and my eternal searching for luck and good things. Now after 3 years I can tell that I couldn’t expect what I am having now. It is not luck, good things and happiness but is a sort of success, strenght and courage I have built with my “Lego City”.

I will never be sick of this city, you will never know what may happen…I have been through many changes in the past year and now I am picking up all the shattered glasses. I see the future even brighter than when I came here and now everything seem fin from then.

The Guh Guh Project is my life…the neverending and hoping evergreen project that will  get me towards one of my biggest dream…the fame, the popularity. 

I want people recognise my skills and to do so I need to know a lot of them…let them know about my experience…share with them love.


LOVE. The word that scared me so much last year and that now appear as the only answer…



I wanna just say welcome back…Now I can start a new life and, guys?     Be careful!!!! 🙂