All the paintings are now sold out!!
Don’t panic tho, a lot more projects are on their way…There’s more art I am working on as you might have noticed lately I am working on landscapes and nature.
I had really good feedback on those and sold a few.
However, I am still keen to create more abstract pieces too. I am gathering experiences in my life, make new memories, enjoy my time. And very soon they will be posted on my page and all of my platforms.

I am also finishing to write and design my visual book, which it’ll be self-published before the end of this year – the picture you see it’s the cover. I decided to write “Thirty” and group together pictures of my background, where I come from and how I developed my artistic ethic. My journey from childhood to thirty – the title. The book shows an insatiable desire to stand still in front of a world that has lost all concerns for others. You’ll be looking at the every day life of a homosexual Italian artist. Rage. Struggle. Happiness. Sadness. Dark and light. Assumptions. Judgements. A lot of work. Joy. Sex. Anxiety. Freedom. Hope. Dream. The aim is to inspire others to believe in oneself, not to see who I could have become but who I am now.


A little story to remember I am doing the right thing

Hey guys! First of all I want to thank all of you to like, share and comment my posts. And also all of those who came to my apartment to view and buy my art. You are all making this artist proud and happy 😊.

So after all of the commissions I had in the last couple of months, I ran out of materials completely. I decided to pay a visit to my local art supplier and buy everything I need to carry on making art. Easy, beside the fact I couldn’t drag all of it at ones on my own. I decided to order a cab! Pretty standard right? See I hope you guys kinda get how easy life is for me, so far with this story…The car arrives. The driver confirms my name. He opens the boot of the car, and helps me to load all my canvases, colours, bags, boxes, and more canvases. We jump in the car and he affirms “you pretty dedicated for a hobbyist”…quite proud I go “Darling, this is my job, I’m an Artist”. He then goes “Did you study to make art?”. “Nope, I haven’t studied to make art, I learned all myself. My parents always thought me to follow what I believe, even tho they didn’t get me. But they gave me everything they could afford, and I managed to do the rest my own. I feel quite lucky to be fair”. He then changed his attitude and tells me “Well my parents sent me to Science school cause they believed, and I still, that being an artist won’t be as remunerative as a normal job…” I then switched too by his assumptions, answering “Honey, I am pretty sure I am paying the fare for my journey, and that your boot is loaded with stuff I need to continue my career…” He changed again trying to show me all of his story about wanting to be an actor/director in theatres, his note book filled with thoughts and acts..I wasn’t impressed. That for me is pretty standard. You see? I live easy. If I want to do something I do it, obviously without affecting others. Very few are able to make a difference with what they really want cause they know it’s closer to their heart. So is what I am doing here.

I just want everybody to know that if you really believe in something, despite the fact money are involved or not, you can do it. Yes, money can give you the freedom not to choose anymore. But do they enhance your imagination or make you an expert?

What do you guys think? What do you see here? What path would you rather follow, the one that gives you comfort but not joy, or the one that rewards you as a human being?

Q&A Video with Erreart

Hey everyone,

This is my new video educating you all with what Erreart stands for and means, and also I answered some of the questions my followers asked me on Instagram and Facebook.

I can answer more, just drop a comment below and I’ll come back to you. In the meanwhile, if you liked my video make sure to subscribe to my channel on Youtube

Thanks for watching I will see you all soon

Sharing is art

And watching To Wong Foo I realised the importance of generousity. I am struggling thinking of making my way like someone else’s want it. But I should really pursue my path as on my own. 

That is what I’m learning these days. It’s hard of course. It’s ups and downs every corner more than ever. And when I will come back home, these overcome steps and growing experiences will teach my people. They will be left with good things to imagine. And kindness to give to others. 

I am making my dream come true. Day by day. And I will not stop till something new is learned. This is my art and I am sharing it with the world. 

What’s happening in London

6 years ago, I’ve seen myself to fly for the first time in a place I didn’t know. 

6 years later, I’m sitting in one of the thousand rooms I’ve been renting questioning my morals. 

It’s hard…why do I want to make people understand? Why should I spend time to show how it must be done. Can I not just let it go? If it’s wrong, well it can always be repaired. My philosophy and my methods are in a very weird balance. Switching from good to bad in a blink of an eye. Life is going too fast around me. And I always miss a piece. 

I want peace. I wanna leave for a quite place. This is my new dream. Become consistent with what I have. And leave behind those whom don’t believe in me. I need people to believe in me. Believe in what I think and what I do. 

Making decisions to become the person I am today. Decisions as of a comfortable life or take a risk to make me go forward in this journey. 

I got scared. 

I am here to start a movement. I may not be its solo leader. I can just say we are sons and daughters of a very old philanthropical way of thinking. We don’t love human beings anymore. We are in transition. Looking for oneself. We feel and see things beyond the third dimension. We are approaching the fourth dimension. People who don’t see it are left behind or they can only be shown how to use their hearts.  

Use your heart. Dismiss who uses your wellbeing and talent to make business. Dislike the already made sentences you have to listen everyday. Don’t see the bigger picture concentrate and think at what you’re doing. Is it really something you want? Is it really what you love?

Don’t restrict or harm yourself. Show your love to everyone. Show them you can still smile after wherever the experiences have landed you. We must share our beliefs so to find our own kinds. 

This is a romantic Italian. Writing in a not very fluent English, so I’m told. But still talking about morals, support and sharing. 


ERT Philosophy


ERT Philosophy. My new concept for the last 3 months…I just discovered how beautiful is to be different and you all should be try it! Do whatever you want to do!!! and be responsible for the own happyness…


The men. The ball blew and the flame comes out! When you feel hot, ready, capable, vain and invincible! The men lives the illusion to be immortal…the hope to be…the strenght that keep us fight!



The rain. The heads and the flames come from the universe…because we are part of that infinate fate draw…


The belief. The strenght to be part of the universe and to feel it…


The dream. The hope…that everyone will have the same view…