Roberto Sannibale was born in 1989, Rome. His hometown determined a passion for fine art and art expression. Since very young he believed in reproducing a visual concept to identify our reality. A mystical and spiritual vision between experiences and symbols.

He worked on The Magicians as early teenager.  A fantasy comic book of magic girls living in nowadays world that combines manga to American TV series. And moved into Graphic Design for nearly 7 years.

When he moved to London in 2010. He studied and worked for fashion retailers as Visual Merchandiser. Online Photoshoot Coordinator. And ultimately, applied all of his visual skills in decorating and designing our homes.

He knows how to complement shapes and colours.

Roberto inherited a vast background in Italian Architecture and Visual 3D Philosophy. He is able to transform masterpieces to commercial set-ups and vice-versa.

An all round artist mastering art, illustration and design. Sharing his journals online, Erreart is a web nickname created in 2008. It is his face and his brand.

He sources. Experiments. And makes it work.

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