February Updates

Hey there!

As you might have noticed, I have launched my Youtube channel where I share my thoughts and ideas about art and new collections, and my Etsy Store is up and running finally!

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Speaking about new collections, you can now shop the Pouring Collection on my Etsy shop. These are all original artworks I have created evolving my abstract painting skills. I was constantly looking for new ideas on how to develop my meaningful art pieces and this new set of paintings really incorporates at what stage my journey is.

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isla_500x500.34255553_k3ko88o6Click on the picture to check out my Etsy Store




Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner. So I have made this digital illustration for all the lovers out there! If you want to celebrate your relationship you can always add a custom note on the bottom left of the picture and make it unique!

Click on the picture to buy this illustration


A new collaboration with another amazing artist is in place so my dear friends stay tuned in to find out an upcoming masterpiece. I can see lots of positivity on the horizon and this is only the beginning for a whole new way of life! 2019 is the year where we will all receive our rewards for all the hard work we put in since 2009. And to celebrate this new movement in our lives, I have made a whole set of illustrations dedicated to our new achievements. These are my zodiac star signs collection. They specify this moment in our universe and I really hope you all like them as I LOVE THEM!

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